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Allotment Rules for Uppingham Town Council

Tod’s Piece and Leicester Road Allotments


These rules are intended to ensure that the allotment sites run by Uppingham Town Council are used for the good of the community, fellow allotment holders and any residents living close by. Allotments have their own legislation which dictates how allotments should be used and most of the do's and don'ts on this document are legal requirements. Failure to abide by these requirements means you could be breaking the law! To ensure everyone enjoys the allotments we ask that you are familiar with the points below and abide by them at all times. If you need any clarity on the points covered you can contact the Town Clerk on 01572 822681 or by email – we are keen to help you get the most out of your allotment. In addition to council support, you can also seek guidance from some of our longstanding, experienced allotment holders.



1. You can plant vegetables, soft fruit, herbs and flowers

2. If your site has gates you MUST always ensure you close them behind you

3. You can bring your dog on site as long as it's kept on a lead at all times, and clear up any faeces

4. You can have a small lawn area as long as it's regularly mown

5. You erect a clearly visible number board on your plot and we will advise you of the plot number

6. If you have fruit bushes/trees, etc. you must maintain the area around them and make sure they are pruned regularly

7. You must cultivate at least 50% of your plot and keep the rest free from weeds and cut any long grass

8. If you have a shed on your plot you must maintain it in a serviceable condition

9. You MUST pay your allotment rent with 30 days of receiving an invoice

10. If you vacate your plot you must pay any rent owed and return the plot in the same state it was received

11. Always inform the Town Clerk if you change address or have new contact details

12. Permit entry to sheds/structures for the Town Clerk at any time requested

13. If you vacate your plot you MUST remove all belongings within two weeks and any sheds that were on site before the current tenant must remain in place

14. Please be considerate to other allotment holders



1. No turf, sods or soil to be removed from the plot and moved to other parts of the site

2. You are not allowed to sublet your plot without the agreement of the Town Clerk so a proper agreement can be put in place and record of allotment users

3. You are not allowed to use your plot for any trade or business without prior consent of the Town Clerk

4. You are not allowed to block communal pathways

5. You are not allowed to wash crops or tools in water troughs

6. You are not allowed to use a hosepipe or a sprinkler to water crops

7. You are not allowed to have smoky bonfires that cause a nuisance (see additional information on bonfires below)

8. You are not allowed to cause a nuisance to other plot holders or neighbouring householders - nuisance could include bad language, getting drunk, playing loud music, racist language etc.

9. You are not allowed to go onto other people's plots unless they have given you permission

10. If you have children or young people with you on-site they must be supervised at all times

11. You are not allowed to dig up paths between plots

12. You are not allowed to use any form of violence on-site, be it physical or verbal

13. You must obtain written permission to erect a shed exceeding 6’ x 4’

14. You must obtain written permission to have poultry on a plot

15. You must have written permission to plant fruit trees or other trees on the plot

16. You must have written permission to add an apiary to your allotment

17. It is advisable not to bring old carpets onto site


Bonfire Rules:

Bonfires are permitted under certain conditions, which are designed to prevent a nuisance being caused to neighbouring residents and other plot holders. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 it is an offence to cause a nuisance through the generation of ‘smoke emitted from premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance’. Therefore, the tenant must conform to the following requirements:

1. Bonfires are not permitted from 1st April to 30th September each year.

2. Only burn when suitable weather conditions permit, to avoid causing a nuisance (wind drift etc.)

3. Only burn organic matter and dry vegetable matter that has been produced on your own plot.

4. Non-vegetable matter such as plastic, rubber, carpet or roofing felt must not be burnt and flammable liquids should not be used to light fires.

5. In the event of a reasonable complaint, from another tenant or member of the public, regarding a nuisance being caused by the bonfire, then the fire must be extinguished immediately – this will be determined by the Town Clerk and resolved with the allotment holder.

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