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LRAA Aims & Objectives

  • To actively protect and promote the interests of member allotment plot holders.

  • To seek to enhance the all-round gardening experience of member allotment holders.

  • Take appropriate actions to protect members against damage, trespass and theft.

  • Foster good relations with residential neighbours and others using areas adjacent to our site. 

  • Conduct negotiations on behalf of member plot holders with Uppingham Town Council, ‘UTC’ (the landlord) and work in partnership with UTC in support of their overall site management responsibilities. 

  • To act as a regular and informal forum for the sharing of help and advice on gardening matters amongst members.

  • To promote social events amongst members including where appropriate the local community.

  • To communicate regularly with members on LRAA activities using various channels, e.g. Notice-board, social media, newsletters, e-mail etc.

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